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More than 12 years have experience as an exporter and importer, especially outboard motors, we have served customers more than 1000 peoples per year, and we have shipped more than 10 units per week. this is a form of our pride that has been given the trust as the best partner.  If you are looking for the best and original outboard motors, please directly order online from our website. The process is very simple and easy. Please read below before making an online order. We give short and concise answers so you can easily understand.

Do you ship to all countries ?  We Ship outboard motors all over the country. whether you’re in the US or Europe or another country.

What are your delivery options and costs ?  Estimated delivery will take around 25-27 working days from the date of your order. the duration of all countries is the same. and we guarantee the time will not be more than what we set above.  For new customers, we provide free shipping and duty taxes. this only applies to new customers. If you make a repurchase the fee will be calculated automatically by the system.

What payment options are available? We accept secure and comfortable payments that is paypal, you don’t need to worry or feel scared because paypal is a trusted payment system. We also ship your order no more than 2 x 24 hours. We immediately provide shipment information to you.

Is the outboard that you are selling original and new? All outboard motors  that we sell directly we import from Japan and some from other countries such as the US. We guarantee 100% authenticity. all outboards have international warranty and complete with 5 x standard accessories in the box. The guarantee card is very important because it proves that the outboard that you bought is genuine or fake. We also give all customers a 100% money back guarantee if it is not what we promised.

When will you ship after I place an order?  We will ship your order within 2 x 24 hours and no more than this. We will notify you of the shipping Tracking number.

I’m an International customer. How do I return something to you? If you have problems regarding the outboard , please discuss with us first what is the cause and how damaged the outboard you are getting. You don’t need to worry if you get this. as long as the outboard warranty card applies we are responsible for resolving it. please contact us via email or livechat. We will provide some solutions later, that is : 1. Exchange the product for a new one, if the outboard is malfunctioning, damaged or defective. You are not charged any fees for this. 2. Provides a 100% money back guarantee. if you are not interested anymore. with the condition that the product must be sent to our office first. We have shipped more than 1000 units of products per year. and very rarely gets complaints like this. usually just a matter of damage to spare parts after a few years of use.

We provide convenience for customers to shop online here. Why should you buy with us ?

  • We offer special discounts of more than 20% now !
  • We provide free shipping and tax free for new customers
  • We provide a free 1 unit Go pro camera for new customers
  • More than 10 customers from all over the world buy from us. You can see the sales notification transaction on our website.

The outboard that you buy is complete with accessories and has an official guarantee card. The warranty card is valid internationally & We provide a 100% money back guarantee if the outboard that you buy is not authentic, incomplete standard accessories or unauthorized warranty cards !

To save our time together, please do not ask again the same question, We offer free tax and shipping costs if you are a new customer even if you are from the US, Europe or other countries. The system on the website will count automatically. Please make an online purchase through our website, select the type of outboard you like, fill in the shipping address and make payment. we will notify you immediately within 24 hours.

​If you have other questions besides the information above, please ask us again through the form below or Live Chat Service


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